Signs You Might Never Ever Get Married

The sanctity of marriage is not for everyone. It is hard work and a lot of compromise. Couples who stay together for years and years amaze us. There are so many things one has to give up in order to be in a committed relationship. You might not be ready for one now or ever and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! To help you sort things out a little bit here are a few signs that we think will lead you away from marriage.

Your career means everything to you
You are trying to make partner/become a CEO at your company and that is your life goal? If the only time you feel happy is when you knocked another work project out of the park – you might not be marriage-ready. Here is a tip: if you can willingly cut down your work week from 80 to 40 hours – that will be a time to settle down. Meanwhile, you do you!


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