Gorgeous People With a Unique Skin Color

Everyone on this planet is unique in their own way. None of us look the same or sound the same. We all have our special features and character traits and talents and abilities. But there are some people that definitely stand out more. Some have incredible talents that just blow our minds, some manage to acquire incredible skills that make us jealous and wish we could do what they can. But today we’re going to talk about incredible people who have a very unique look. You see, their skin color is so rare and so unique that we can’t help ourselves but admire how unusual and gorgeous they look. And we’re not the only ones. They’ve gained popularity worldwide thanks to their unique looks. Without further ado, here’s gorgeous people with a unique skin color.

1. Winnie Harlow
Winnie Harlow has vitiligo, which is a condition that causes patches of skin to lose pigmentation. One day Tyra Banks spotted her pictures on Instagram and invited her to take part in America’s Next Top Model. The rest is history. Even though Winnie didn’t win, and finished in 5th place, she got a huge following of fans and quite a few offers from big names in the modeling industry. She is now a famous model, spokesperson and activist and she’s also the face of Desigual in Barcelona.


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