The Most Gorgeous Celebrity Bikini Bodies

We all wish we could look like celebrities. With their glowing skin, beautiful hair and perfectly toned bodies. It seems like they always look great, no matter what they’re wearing. No dress is too revealing or too tight. Sure, some of that is due to the fact that all of their clothes are tailored perfectly for their bodies. We should also take into account that a lot of them are just genetically blessed with their looks. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t work on their bodies.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena loves food. She doesn’t really like diets, so she just tries to eat more or less healthy. She loves Italian, so she often is a little naughty and has lasagna, pasta or pizza for dinner. So how does she stay so fit? A lot of exercising. Selena sticks to a workout routine that consists of pilates and yoga 5 times a week. It’s a perfect way to tone your body. She also tries to stay active during the day and walk a lot. All in all, if you want to look like Selena and eat like Selena, you’ll have to work your butt off at the gym.

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